Feng Shui is a current in Chinese philosophy, which we find in design, art, music and even redecorating our own home. Feng Shui is based on the positive energies of yin and yang and on the principle of equilibrium of natural symbols such as fire, stone, wood, water, wind and earth.

With Fengh Shui redecoration, you will eliminate the negative energy between you and improve your relationship.

How to proceed if you are looking for love?

If you want to fall in love, Fengh Shui recommends filling your home with paintings depicting men, while avoiding dark paintings. Also, the light should be as strong as possible, to listen to the music of relaxation in silence, and in your home to be always warm.

To balance the feminine energy, it is advisable to color the room red and yellow or to have decorative objects of this color.

According to the teachings of Fengh Shui, the place that encourages love in your home is in the S-V of your house, and this area should be decorated with quartz crystals, placed on a table not made of wood, and with a stone, faience or marble headboard. The light must be strong here, and if you have bright windows, let in natural light.

In the room where you sleep, it is advisable to have a picture depicting a month, this increasing the understanding and love between you.

Chi represents romantic, positive love. You can attract this type of feeling in your home by buying a few crystals (approx. 15), which you can place in a pile. Do not allow anyone else to touch the crystals, as this can charge them with negative energy, thus transmitting negative vibrations. If you have not been careful and someone has touched your stones, wash them well in salt water and let them dry naturally in the sun.

For a visibly improved social life, keep the balance in your home, combining the elements of decoration: a painting depicting the sun (male symbol) and more diffused light (female element).

Also, decorate your home with lampshades in intense colors: yellow, red, orange (one in each room).

To keep your love strong, follow the following Feng Shui tips:

do not keep the TV or other appliances in the room where you sleep, as these appliances emit negative energy, thus harming the affectivity between you.
the mirrors have nothing to do with you in the bedroom. Besides the fact that they encourage infidelity, according to the Fengh Shui code you don't need them in this room.
The best place to position your double bed is in the corner opposite the door, with the headboard fixed to the wall.
Don't forget to add a romantic element represented by a painting depicting two lovers.

Most couples avoid discussing their sex life and expressing sexual desires. Lack of communication in this regard can affect your long-term relationship and can lead to an unsatisfactory sex life. Here are some discussions you should have with your partner about sex.

How much do you experience?

You are two different people and it is perfectly normal for you to like different things. So, you have to experiment: you do things to his liking that you may not have done before and vice versa.

It’s a good idea to set out from the beginning what your gender limits are and what you wouldn’t agree to do. Maybe your boyfriend likes the sensations offered by anal sex, and you don’t want to try. You need to communicate this to him and explain his choice for a better understanding.

What you like and what you don’t!

As I said above, there are certain techniques or sexual positions that you like, but your boyfriend does not. Therefore, in order to avoid situations in which one of you is not satisfied after sexual intercourse, it is good to discuss.

Either you can talk before sex or after sex. Tell him what you liked and didn’t like and ask your partner to do the same. Thus, next time, you will both know how to behave and how to go to each other on the heights of pleasure.

What if you don’t feel like it?

Daily stress, eating or taking certain medications can affect a person’s libido. It’s okay if, at certain times, you don’t feel like having sex and leave it at another time.

Explain to your boyfriend that this is not the right time for sex and he will definitely understand, especially if this does not happen very often.

Sexual problems

There are people who experience certain sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction in men, or vaginal dryness in women. These problems must be solved in time and without embarrassing each other if you want the relationship to be long-lasting and not to have quarrels on this subject.