When it comes to sexuality exploration, the human imagination is limitless. The eros show is a fascinating and shocking spectacle that includes adult films where the main characters mutilate their bodies for fun, as well as tribes celebrating young people entering adulthood by ingestion of semen. We will be presenting the most bizarre sexual practices of all time, as well as those that are still in use today.
In ancient Greece, older men sex with teenagers

Modern society does not condone sexual intercourse between adults and minors, but in ancient Greece, this was a common practice that was a source for pride for the family. They were known as “pederasti”, which means men who publish pederasty.

High-ranking, wealthy men kept children from low-income families at their homes in order to demonstrate their social status. The young men were morally bound to share their bedrooms with their masters in return for their protection and the protection of their families.

Historical sources document that pederasty was ubiquitous and law-abiding during the Archaic period (between 775 and 490 BC), as well as in Classical Greece (between 490 BC and 336 BC).
Men masturbated in public in ancient Egypt.

Egypt was bathed in the heat of the sun, embodied by Ra. It has had a close relationship to the earth all its life. The Egyptians believed that the gods had given them the land’s name in ancient times, which meant “black earth”, because it was fertile and more fertile than the desert that was death.

For the Egyptians fertility was a very important concept. Min, a predynastic deity was, for example, always appeared in the form a tall man with a erect penis.

Annual celebrations were held by the pharaohs in honor of the fertility god. Men had both a civic and moral obligation to publicly masturbate in order to express their devotion to Min.

The Egyptians also celebrated Min’s birthday. The feast of Nim is also known as the Feast of Nim. During this feast, the pharaoh must perform a ritual called masturbation and scatter his seed onto the waters of Nile.

This is because the pharaoh creates the entire episode of the creation by ejaculation. According to Egyptian mythology, Atum is universally believed to be the creator of the universe, humans and all other deities. He used only his own semen to create the Egyptian pantheon and the world.
Men in Papua New Guinea drink the semen of village elders.

Etoro is a tribe of Papua New Guinea natives that forces its young men to drink the sperm from village elders and have their anal penetrated at will by their uncles. This practice is deeply rooted within the beliefs of Etoro tribe, and is considered to be a crime in many parts of the world.

According to their religious beliefs, a child old enough to go through the rites of passage (around seven years old) must eat the semen of his father or another older person to gain power. According to the Etoro tribe, semen is the essence male power and the young warrior must swallow large amounts of it.

Sometimes, anal penetration can be done by a father or uncle to analize children. The practice ceases when the children turn 17 years old, and they are considered to be men and warriors who can protect their tribe.
Mangaia is a place where children and adults can have sex.

Our sex education usually takes place at home by our parents and at school by our teachers. Many of these topics usually can be pursued on adult pages such as porno hd. Older women in Mangaia (an island in the South Pacific) have a responsibility to have sex in order to teach 13-year-old boys the secrets of love.
Austrian method for pruning apple-based underarms

The apple dance under your armpit is a traditional Austrian pastime. Every village gathers to celebrate a festival. The women who have yet to find a husband will place an apple slice under their arms and dance for everyone. After the dance is over each woman will give the apple slice the one that fell on her trunk.
Inis Beag is the only place where couples can’t remove their pants during sex

Inis Beag is a small island in Ireland that offers libertine sex. This island’s inhabitants are so reserved when it comes to intimate contact, most don’t take off their underwear while having sex.

It is also only men who start sex parties, which are often limited to one sexual position (missionary).

There are many theories about what could happen to you if you don’t have sex. Some of them are hilarious. Popular thought is not ready to voice its opinions on sex, from the well-known expression about the “sky-colored gonads” to other absurdities. We will be discussing what happens when love is lost from both a psychological and medical perspective.
You can get out of your hand

If masturbation is what you think, we aren’t talking about it here. “Getting out of control” is a temporary loss in performance while in bed. This is how sexologists explain it using the analogy of cycling: If you ride for too long, you might have trouble with the direction.

Joke aside: Sexual abstinence can have serious consequences for the body. The chances of you “picking” yourself for erectile dysfunction increases with every month that passes. It’s not as bad, as it sounds.

Specialists in sexual issues have advised that ejaculating at regular intervals is the best way to prevent erectile problems in the absence of a partner. Masturbation also reduces the chance of developing testicular cancer.
Weakening of the immune system

Did you know that the Romanian expression “aspirine of the poor” is a popular one? Filme Porno Gratuite are that remedy when you have to relax by masturbating. According to doctors, this expression may have some truth. Your body makes a lot of immunoglobulinA, an antibody that protects you against the common cold, during intercourse. Tell her the next time she feels her head hurt, that a common cold is not good for her.
Focusing at work will be difficult.

Office work can be stressful and even dangerous. We all know this. It’s not healthy to sit for long periods of time and do nothing. You may feel like the clock is ticking if you are bored at work. But think about what happens if you don’t have sex for a while. Your mind won’t be focused on work alone, it is obvious.

In fact, abstaining from sexual activity can have a visible impact on productivity. People who haven’t had sex for a while are often more fluffy and more stressed.
High blood pressure

Even if you have high blood pressure, regular exercise can help to lower it. Abstinence can lead to tension, and even heart disease.
Stress levels will rise.

Endorphins, hormones that are secreted during intercourse, can improve your mood. They’re also known as happiness hormones. According to many sexologists, having sex at the least two times per week can help with stress management at work. If you don’t have sex, your stress levels will not only return back to normal, but they will also double.

Our advice is to be as sparse as possible. In light of all the above, we suggest that you have a weekly schedule. We recommend that you share this article with your friends, even if you are not married. This word means that the friend in crisis knows himself.

Both partners need to use their imaginations in the bedroom to find a love match. This article will show you how to make her crazy in bed.
Goat position

Because it’s convenient for both of you, the goat position is one among the most popular sexual positions. What does this mean? The woman lies on her back, leaning on her elbows or hands for support. The man will place his hands on her knees to penetrate her from behind. Many couples prefer the goat position because it emphasizes intense clitoral stimulation.

The woman may not be as mobile as the man but the goat can provide additional stimulation such as breasts and back. This sexual position is also recommended for those who are susceptible to premature ejaculation, as the man can easily control the timing of the ejaculation.
Lotus position

It is a very intimate and exciting position that is often considered awkward for men, particularly because it requires a lot of flexion. The lotus position is where the man sits in the lotus, or Turkish, if it becomes too tiring. While the woman sits in his lap with his legs wrapped around him waist, the man will place his hands on the woman’s hips. The man can either hold her waist or place his hands on her hips.

Although the lotus position can be difficult because both partners must sit in unusual positions, it is an intense and lasting orgasm. Additional stimulation is impossible due to lack of mobility.
Anchor position
The anchor position is a great way to have a great time with your partner. It is considered one of the most comfortable positions for a woman to be in. This involves placing her on her back with a pillow under the pelvis. She prefers to be slightly tilted. The man will place his left arm around her shoulder and kneel down in front.

Because the penetration results in total stimulation of her clitoris, the anchor position is especially pleasant for her. You should know that you may experience some discomfort, or even pain during the intercourse. It is not recommended for long-lasting, intense orgasm.
Position 69

The position commonly known as “69” (or goat position) is one of the most sexually stimulating positions for women. I saw content with sexual position 69 here on the https://futai.live where there are many such interesting topics. The continuous stimulation of the genital area is what makes it so popular. Position 69 will see one partner lie on the bed while the other will be sitting upside down. You can experiment with this position by having one partner stand while the other sits on the bed. The first person will have to support his legs.
Andromache Position
This sexual position, inspired by Greek mythology is a variation on the “woman above” position. Andromache is recommended to a woman who wants total control over stimulation and the moment of sexual pleasure. The man will lay on the bed while his partner will sit or lie on top.

There are other positions you can take, such as the man supporting her hips with his hands or the woman laying on her side. The Andromache position is great for couples as it provides visual stimulation and stimulates other parts of the body like the breasts.

Remember that these positions are easy to perform, so don’t let it discourage you if you don’t see the results you desire. The saying “with patience, you can get anywhere” is a good motto.

Most of the time, we women are behind the romantic surprises we make for our lovers. Well, find out that men can be romantic too. Here’s what I can surprise you with!

Loneliness in two

Even if it seems to you that your boyfriend likes the company of friends more, find out that you are wrong. Many men long for a short time spent alone with you, during which time you should hang up your phone, not be bothered by anyone and remember what united you from the very beginning.

A bottle of good wine and popcorn

It may not be the best combination, but you have to admit that your boyfriend is a real romantic if he suggests you sit at home, in front of the TV, over a glass of wine and talk about what you have done during the day. It’s a clear sign that he missed your presence!

He likes to sleep with you in his arms.

Who wouldn’t love to sleep with their beloved woman in their arms? Even if you are tired in the evening after many hours at work, it is nice to know that there is someone in bed who can’t wait to take you in their arms.

A soothing massage

Men love to caress their partners and please them. So, when you get tired from work, you could suggest to your boyfriend to give you a massage. In addition to relaxing you and relieving you of stress, it can also give you a feeling of well-being and make you want sex.

Marriage proposal

As we well know, the marriage proposal is the responsibility of the man, without the woman knowing anything. Some of them even surprise their girlfriends with completely original marriage proposals, which show how much they value the woman next to them.