Most of the time, we women are behind the romantic surprises we make for our lovers. Well, find out that men can be romantic too. Here’s what I can surprise you with!

Loneliness in two

Even if it seems to you that your boyfriend likes the company of friends more, find out that you are wrong. Many men long for a short time spent alone with you, during which time you should hang up your phone, not be bothered by anyone and remember what united you from the very beginning.

A bottle of good wine and popcorn

It may not be the best combination, but you have to admit that your boyfriend is a real romantic if he suggests you sit at home, in front of the TV, over a glass of wine and talk about what you have done during the day. It’s a clear sign that he missed your presence!

He likes to sleep with you in his arms.

Who wouldn’t love to sleep with their beloved woman in their arms? Even if you are tired in the evening after many hours at work, it is nice to know that there is someone in bed who can’t wait to take you in their arms.

A soothing massage

Men love to caress their partners and please them. So, when you get tired from work, you could suggest to your boyfriend to give you a massage. In addition to relaxing you and relieving you of stress, it can also give you a feeling of well-being and make you want sex.

Marriage proposal

As we well know, the marriage proposal is the responsibility of the man, without the woman knowing anything. Some of them even surprise their girlfriends with completely original marriage proposals, which show how much they value the woman next to them.

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