As a relationship progresses, the people involved change their behavior, and this change can even predict a breakup. Here’s what to look for when selecting yours.

He doesn’t speak nice to you anymore

At the beginning of the relationship, everything was beautiful, she even caressed you and spoke to you very nicely. Now, after a while of being together, it seems like the situation is starting to change. He seems to get very angry and reproach you for all sorts of things, and in a short time he ends up not speaking nice to you at all. There can be no question of caresses.

Stop talking about his birthday

When you started the relationship, I could hardly wait to meet you and talk about how your days went. Now, not only does he not tell you everything he does in detail, but he doesn’t even ask you how you spent your day. This means that he is no longer interested in you and that a breakup is announced as soon as possible.

You feel that it no longer attracts you

It’s not always the man’s fault, but you have to think that you can be partly to blame. For example, after a while, you may not be attracted to that man, even if his physique has not changed. You don’t have to be with someone who isn’t attracted to you, because such a relationship won’t get you anywhere.

You don’t care anymore

Before this relationship you liked to be always arranged and to look good at any time. But as time goes on, you seem to be neglecting and not caring how you look, how your hair looks or what you wear. It is a mistake made by most women in a long-term relationship, and this only leads to the removal of the partner. He knew you as a pretty woman, and if you change, he may not like you anymore.