What if you don’t want sex?

There are many theories about what could happen to you if you don’t have sex. Some of them are hilarious. Popular thought is not ready to voice its opinions on sex, from the well-known expression about the “sky-colored gonads” to other absurdities. We will be discussing what happens when love is lost from both a psychological and medical perspective.
You can get out of your hand

If masturbation is what you think, we aren’t talking about it here. “Getting out of control” is a temporary loss in performance while in bed. This is how sexologists explain it using the analogy of cycling: If you ride for too long, you might have trouble with the direction.

Joke aside: Sexual abstinence can have serious consequences for the body. The chances of you “picking” yourself for erectile dysfunction increases with every month that passes. It’s not as bad, as it sounds.

Specialists in sexual issues have advised that ejaculating at regular intervals is the best way to prevent erectile problems in the absence of a partner. Masturbation also reduces the chance of developing testicular cancer.
Weakening of the immune system

Did you know that the Romanian expression “aspirine of the poor” is a popular one? Filme Porno Gratuite are that remedy when you have to relax by masturbating. According to doctors, this expression may have some truth. Your body makes a lot of immunoglobulinA, an antibody that protects you against the common cold, during intercourse. Tell her the next time she feels her head hurt, that a common cold is not good for her.
Focusing at work will be difficult.

Office work can be stressful and even dangerous. We all know this. It’s not healthy to sit for long periods of time and do nothing. You may feel like the clock is ticking if you are bored at work. But think about what happens if you don’t have sex for a while. Your mind won’t be focused on work alone, it is obvious.

In fact, abstaining from sexual activity can have a visible impact on productivity. People who haven’t had sex for a while are often more fluffy and more stressed.
High blood pressure

Even if you have high blood pressure, regular exercise can help to lower it. Abstinence can lead to tension, and even heart disease.
Stress levels will rise.

Endorphins, hormones that are secreted during intercourse, can improve your mood. They’re also known as happiness hormones. According to many sexologists, having sex at the least two times per week can help with stress management at work. If you don’t have sex, your stress levels will not only return back to normal, but they will also double.

Our advice is to be as sparse as possible. In light of all the above, we suggest that you have a weekly schedule. We recommend that you share this article with your friends, even if you are not married. This word means that the friend in crisis knows himself.

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